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Fast Track

You can enjoy a seamless airport experience through our Airport FastTrack@KLIA service located at Level 5, next to International Departure.


Airport FastTrack@KLIA offers a seamless end-to-end service to our passengers.

If you are departing from KLIA, you can book the Airport FastTrack@KLIA service for a fee and you will be greeted at the curbside by the Guest Service Agent who will facilitate your whole journey at the airport up to the departure gates.

You have the option of relaxing at the Airport FastTrack Lounge where light refreshments are served between 7 am and 11 pm and access to free WiFi is provided. Once you are ready for check-in, the Guest Service Agent will help facilitate this process, after which you will be brought through fast-track security, immigration, and customs lanes.

If you are arriving at KLIA, you can also enjoy our Airport FastTrack@KLIA service for a fee where you will be greeted the arrival gate, and assisted through the fast-track immigration and custom lanes. We will also provide support for your luggage collection, all the way to the awaiting transport.

For premium package customers, this service extends to buggy rides and escorts throughout your journey at the airport.

For reservation, please call +603 8776 4606 or email at

For more information on Airport FastTrack@KLIA, visit