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There are various parking options in Terminal 1

Short-Term Car Park is located adjacent and is connected to the Main Terminal Building. There are more than 5,700 bays for your convenience at Block A, B, C & D.

For long term parking, you are advised to use the designated Long-Term Car Park (LTCP) located near the Malaysia Airports Training Centre. There are more than 4,500 bays available at the LTCP and free shuttle service from LTCP to the terminals is available at every 15 minutes.


Short-Term Car Park Rates

STCP Block A,B & C (Normal Parking)
Hours Rate
1st - 3rd hours RM5.00/hour
4th - 5th hours RM4.00/hour
6th - 10th hours RM3.00/hour
11th - 17th hours RM2.00/hour
Maximum a day RM52.00

After the 24th hour, the normal rates will be re-applied on top of the previous charges.


Long-Term Car Park Rates

For long term parking, travellers are advised to use the designated Long-Term Car Park (LTCP) located near Malaysia Airports Training Centre. Free shuttle service from LTCP to the terminals is available every 10 minutes.

LTCP (Normal Parking)
Days Rate
1st - 4th hours RM3.00/hour
5th - 14th hours RM2.00/hour
Maximum a day RM32.00
STCP Block A & B (Long Term Parking) effective since 1st Jan 2023
Days Rate
Day 1 RM52.00
Day 2 RM52.00
Day 3 RM52.00
Day 4 RM30.00
Day 5 RM30.00
Day 6 onwards RM30.00

Long-Term Car Park (LTCP) Location:


Parking E - Next to Sama Sama Hotel (Normal Parking) effective since 01st Jan 2020
Days Rate
1st - 3rd hours RM4.00/hour
4th - 9th hours RM3.00/hour
10th - 15th hours RM2.00/hour
Maximum a day RM42.00

You can avoid the hassle of finding a parking spot by choosing to use our Preferred Parking facility. Preferred Parking is located at Level 2, Block B & C of the Short-Term Car Park giving nearer access to the Main Terminal building. There are more than 300 bays at the Preferred Parking.

Preferred Parking Rates

STCP Level 2, Block B & C (Preferred Parking) effective since 20th Dec 2019
Hours Rate
First hour or part thereof RM15.00/hour
Every subsequent hour or part thereof RM7.00/hour
Flat rate after 5.00 pm -
Maximum rate per day RM150.00

For added convenience, you can choose to use our Valet Parking facility. It is fully guarded by 24-hour security surveillance cameras.

Valet Parking Rates

Hours Rates (MYR)

First hour or part thereof


Subsequent hour or part thereof


Touch & Go
Touch & Go (TNG) facilities are available at all Short-Term Car Park and Preferred Parking entrances and exits. There is an additional charge of 10% for TNG usage, on top of the parking tier rate.

Loss of Chip Coin
Penalty charge of MYR50.00 will be imposed on top of the required parking charges for any loss or damage of the chip coin.

Clamping Penalty
The management reserves the right to clamp any vehicle parked outside of the allocated parking bays. A penalty of MYR100.00 is required to be paid to the management to unclamp the vehicle.