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Special Assistance

klia2 provides attention and care to our disabled guests and those needing special assistance.


All of our terminals offer ramps and elevators, restrooms, telephones and numerous other facilities and services that are easily accessible.

If you wish to remain in your own wheelchair when proceeding to the aircraft door rather than using the airline wheelchair at check-in, please notify your airline of your needs and check your airline’s policy.

klia2 terminal is specially equipped with senior-citizen and family-friendly facilities. You can freely make use of the airport wheelchairs and baby strollers located throughout the terminal. Please note that although the wheelchairs and strollers are provided at no charge, we do not provide any assistance in pushing the wheelchair.

Alternatively, if you have a card identifying you as a disabled person, you can also request for complimentary ground assistance from the airline personnel who will assist you and take care of your needs.