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Passenger Services Charges

Passenger Service Charge (PSC) (formerly known as 'Airport Tax') is paid by departing passengers. At our airports, the PSC is collected by the respective airlines upon purchase of tickets and is only paid to Malaysia Airports upon completion of the flight.

Unused flight tickets are eligible for a full refund for the PSC from the respective airlines.

The charges (inclusive of PSSC*) are as follows:

Passenger Service Charge, with effect from 1 July 2018
  Domestic International
All airports MYR11 MYR35 MYR73

*Passenger Security Service Charge (PSSC)

The collection of passenger security service charge is carried out pursuant to Regulation 170A of the Civil Aviation (Amendment) Regulations 2006. The Regulation states that a security charge shall be payable in respect of any person boarding an aircraft carrying passengers for hire or reward at rates as follows:

All stated PSCs are inclusive of Passenger Security Service Charge (PSSC) component at RM6 (international) and RM3 (domestic).

The PSSC will be collected together as part of the cost of ticket, similar to the current PSC collection procedure.