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Biometric Facial Recognition FAQ

Biometric Recognition is a facial recognition system that provides contactless experience journey throughout the terminal using facial biometric as the single identification token.

You may use the feature from 15 May 2022 onwards for all Malaysia Airlines Domestic flights. However, do note that only selected boarding gates are equipped with the facial recognition technology currently. You can pass through other checkpoints using your pre-registered biometric as per usual.

To start using, travelers must first be checked-in with the Airlines that they are travelling with.

Your facial biometric may be registered in the system with Enrolment Totem which situated near KLIA’s departure level entrance (Door 1 & 2).

All guests registering in the system will be prompted to present their boarding pass. Once verified, the system will then read either their passport or MyKad (Malaysian) depending on their flight destination. The camera will also perform liveness check for verification.

Guests with reduced mobility are highly encouraged to use the manual lane.

Yes, you may. However, you must first be checked in with the Airline that you are travelling with before enrolling to Biometric Recognition.

As of now, the Biometric Recognition is only available in KLIA and klia2.


If you have your boarding pass, you may enroll into Biometric Recognition by registering your biometric at Enrolment Totem located near Row A & B CIC.

1st option, you will need to check-in & print your boarding pass at self-service kiosk first. Then you can enroll to Facial Recognition at enrolment totem. Once completed, you can proceed for baggage drop at common check-in counter

2nd option, you may proceed to bag check-in at common check-in counter. After completing baggage drop, you may bring your boarding pass to Enrolment Totem kiosk for the enrolment process.

Firstly, you may get your boarding pass via Self-Check-in kiosk. Next, bring your boarding pass to Enrolment Totem to proceed with the Biometric Recognition enrolment.

Children 11 years or less must go through manual check-in.

Yes, you may. However, your kids are unable to proceed as the minimum requirement heights is 120cm and they must have IC (for domestic departure).
Note: Kids will need to pass through the manual lane.

Children 11 years or less must go through manual check-in. Therefore, passengers travelling with infants will have to use the manual lane.

Yes, even though you have checked-in your baggage at the check-in counter. What you need to do is, to enroll the Biometric Recognition at the Enrolment Totem. For enrolment, you just need your IC and boarding pass.

No. Our Biometric Recognition technology at KLIA will not store passenger’s face image. The technology uses the point-to-point face measurement technology, for example, eye to nose, nose to ears, nose to mouth etc.
The live measurement will then being match to your face image on the travel document. Human growth is proportionate over time.
Furthermore, all related data will be purged 3 hours after your flight departed KLIA.

Yes. With our Biometric Recognition technology algorithm, the system will be able to differentiate between twins.

Yes, you may enroll provided that your face is the same as your travel document image.