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Facial Recognition klia2

Facial Recognition is a facial recognition system that provides contactless experience journey throughout the terminal using facial biometric as the single identification token.

As of 24th May 2022, only Air Asia passenger flight AK6310 to Langkawi may use the feature. We will extend the service to other destinations soon.

To start using Facial Recognition, you need to be verified via Air Asia’s FACES & have yourself checked-in with the airline.
You are only eligible to pass through Facial Recognition e-gates once you have both requirements satisfied.

You may register for facial biometric with Air Asia’s FACES via the airasia Super App.

Passenger will go through verification process by Air Asia’s FACES. Once verified and checked in, they may use Facial Recognition feature throughout the terminal. The camera will also perform liveness check for verification.

Guests with reduced mobility are highly encouraged to use the manual lane.

Yes, you may. However, you must first enroll into Air Asia’s FACES and be checked in before you can start using the feature.

As of now, the Facial Recognition is only available in KLIA and klia2


If you have your boarding pass, you must ensure that you are verified via Air Asia’s FACES before you go through other Facial Recognition checkpoints in the terminal.

Children 11 years or less must go through manual check-in.

Yes, you may. However, your kids are unable to proceed as the minimum requirement heights is 120cm.
Note: Kids will need to pass through the manual lane.

Children 11 years or less must go through manual check-in. Therefore, passengers travelling with infants will have to use the manual lane.

No. Our Facial Recognition technology at klia2 will not store passenger’s face image. The system retrieves existing data stored in Air Asia’s FACES.
FACES data is stored in compliance with the security measures prescribed under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 of Malaysia, its regulation, and standards. For full privacy statement, please click here

Yes. With our Facial Recognition technology algorithm, the system will be able to differentiate between twins.

Yes, you may enroll provided that your face is the same as you registered with Air Asia’s FACES.