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FAQ on Covid-19 (National Recovery Plan)


The safety of our passengers is our main priority. Our airports are ready to accommodate the increase of passenger traffic with the strictest compliance to the new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Our front liners are on the ground to help passengers and ensure the processes at each touchpoint are carried out efficiently. We would like to remind all passengers to also play their part in adhering to the new norms of travelling, by wearing face masks, practising physical distance and frequently sanitise and wash their hands.



Body Temperature

We will screen the body temperature of all airport guests at every point of the entrance to the terminal building.


Physical distancing

Physical distancing markers are also in place to help guide airport guests.


Sneeze guards

We have also installed anti-microbial sneeze guards at service counters as well as hand sanitisers throughout the terminal.



The airport terminals are also regularly sanitised and disinfected using various methods such as dry-mist fumigation with a water-based chemical that kills 99% of microorganisms, Blu-ray anion nanospray gun and micro-mist blower which forms a thin layer of coating that protects the surfaces from any unwanted microorganism.


Updated information on digital screens

These measures are augmented by the presence of on-ground safety compliance officers patrolling the terminals and safety messages on digital screens to remind airport guests to continue practising safe measures.

  1. Meeters & Greeters
    Meeters & Greeters are allowed in the terminal building, subject to the following conditions:

  2. Pick-up of arriving travellers at the terminal building
    2.1 Pick-up by family/friends/taxi/e-hailing drivers are allowed at the terminal building for:
    • Domestic arrival travellers
    • International arrival travellers who have been granted with Home Surveillance Order (HSO) approval.
    2.2 Documents required for interstate travel (if any) by family/friends:
    • Copy of HSO approval issued by MOH
    • Police permit for interstate travel
    Before pick-up, the driver will have to register their details at a dedicated counter at door 6, level 3 of the international arrival hall, KLIA.
    Otherwise, passengers will have to go to the dedicated quarantine centre on transport provided by National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA).
  3. Operating airlines
    There are no restrictions on flight operations however please note that our borders are still closed and interstate travel within Malaysia is currently not allowed until further notice. Passengers who have received the necessary approval from the authorities to travel interstate must bring along the required permit when travelling. You are also advised to check with the respective airline companies on your flight schedules.
  4. Travel documents
    Please ensure you have a valid passport and visa for any international travel. You may obtain the latest entry requirements via the embassy or consulate of the country you are visiting or via the IATA Travel Centre. For domestic flights within Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah / Sarawak, all relevant documents must be the original. Copies are not accepted.
    4.1 Application to ENTER/EXIT Malaysia
    1. Apply for MyTravelPass at The application will be processed within 14 working days. Please refer to the website for the list of categories of travellers and the required documents for submission.
    2. Remit payments for COVID-19 screening test and quarantine cost at
    3. Police permit for interstate travel to/from the airport (if necessary)
    4. Negative COVID-19 medical screening within 3 days of departure
    4.2 Application to enter Sarawak
    1. Apply for entry at
    2. Submit E-Health Declaration Form at
    4.3 Application to enter Sabah
    1. Apply for entry at The application will be processed within 7 working days. Please refer to the website for the list of categories of travellers and the required documents for submission.
    2. Submit E-Health Declaration Form and Risk Declaration Form at
    4.4 Application to enter F.T Labuan
    1. Police permit for interstate travel
    2. Negative COVID-19 (RT-PCR) test taken within three days of departure
  5. Health checks & quarantine procedure:


    All international arrivals are required to present a negative COVID-19 test taken no earlier than 3 days before departure. Please check the specific requirements of your arriving destination. However, in case of emergencies, passengers can do the COVID-19 screening with Menara Medical Clinic by appointment. Please make an appointment at least 1 day before you plan to do the test. Here are the contact details:

    Level 2, International Arrival Hall, klia2
    Tel No: 03-8778 5909 / 018-4004727


    General requirements:

    All travellers arriving in Malaysia must comply with the following:

    • Negative COVID-19 (RT-PCR) test taken within three days of departure
    • Remit payments for COVID-19 screening test and quarantine cost at
    • Undergo quarantine at designated quarantine centres for a period that is determined by the Malaysian government and undergo a second COVID sample screening on the 10th day of quarantine.
    • Download the MySejahtera application and are required to wear a wristband or digital tracker for identification and monitoring by MOH.
    • Travellers who tested positive should closely follow Ministry of Health guidance on quarantine and hospitalization requirements.
    • Malaysians arriving from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan must provide the results of a COVID-19 (RT-PCR) test taken within three days of departure, quarantine at the assigned quarantine location for 21 days, and undergo a second COVID sample screening on the 18th day of quarantine.

    Home Quarantine Information – Preapproval Required

    • Fully vaccinated Malaysians and foreigners who have a residence in Malaysia, including permanent residents and MM2H visa holders, returning from overseas may serve their quarantine at home for 7 days, with preapproval from the Ministry of Health (MOH) and subject to strict requirements including mandatory electronic monitoring.
    • Other travellers who can demonstrate that they have a home residence in Malaysia that is suitable for quarantine may also be permitted to quarantine at home, subject to MOH approval.
    • Travellers must make a formal application for home quarantine by sending an email to the MOH Home Surveillance Order (HSO) team at for at least 7 days prior to travel attaching the following documents.
    • Travellers must print the home quarantine preapproval notice and present it upon arrival to Malaysia.
    • Being vaccinated does NOT guarantee an approval for home quarantine. Permission for home quarantine is at the decision and discretion of the MOH.

    Facilities for Business Travellers

    The Business Travellers Centre (BTC) serves to ease the entry movement of business travellers by providing facilities to expedite their entry process as well as to provide relevant information and guidelines. Duty Officers at BTC will assist business travellers in screening and verifying their documents as stipulated in the entry permission approval letter. This step allows faster facilitation at the immigration counter. The BTC also provides a comfortable area for business travellers to undertake their RT-PCR COVID-19 test.

    The BTC is being managed by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA). For enquiries and reservations, please contact them at:

    Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)
    OSC Secretariat (Industry Talent Management and Expatriate Division)


    Phone: +603-2267 3633/3607


    International to an international destination:
    Transit duration should not exceed more than 24 hours. If exceeds, travellers are required to undergo quarantine at designated quarantine centres for a period that is determined by the government.

    International to a domestic destination:
    Travellers to ensure they have all documents and their connecting flight ticket to get to the next flight. If their transit duration exceeds 24 hours, travellers are required to undergo quarantine at designated quarantine centres for a period that is determined by the government before they could continue their journey.

    Domestic to a domestic destination:
    Travellers may travel with MCO approved travel documents and undergo quarantine at designated quarantine centres for a period that is determined by the State government.

  6. F&B Outlets

    Certain F&B outlets are open with a dine-in option. However only fully vaccinated customers are allowed to dine with us. These are some of the F&B outlets that are operating at the moment:

    • Marrybrown
    • Gloria Jean’s Coffees
    • Mini Café & Bazaar
    • O’Briens
    • Grandmama’s
    • Starbucks Coffee
    • Bibik Heritage
    • Food Garden
    • Kentucky Fried Chicken
    • Nooodles House

    Our delivery and take-away option remain open.

  7. Retail Outlets
    Some of the retail outlets selling the essential items are now open. You are required to register your visit through the available contact tracing app at each outlet.
    We highly encourage all airport guests to go cashless at our retail and F&B outlets through the myriad e-payment services provided.
  8. Public transport services

    All public transport operations (buses, taxi and e-hailing transport) to and from the airport are available and operational. Their operation hours and frequency are subject to guidelines issued by the authority. Passengers are advised to check on the service frequency with the respective service providers.

    KLIA Ekpress (better known as ERL) and KLIA Transit service has resumed operations as a combined service at hourly intervals from Monday, 13 September 2021.

  9. More information on COVID-19

    You may contact the following centres for enquiries:
    Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC)
    Telephone: +603-88810200/600/700
    WhatsApp: +60178429454

    National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA)

    Telephone: +603-8064 2400

    Email: /

  10. Travelling to Langkawi

    If you are travelling to Langkawi, please make sure:

    • You are fully vaccinated and have passed the vaccination maturity period
    • You are classified as “Low Risk” or “Casual Contact with No Symptoms” status under MySejahtera
    • You are not coming from an EMCO (PKPD) area/state
    • Individuals below 18 years of age need to be accompanied by parents/guardians who are fully vaccinated
    • Travel permit by PDRM is not required if you are travelling by air. However, if you are travelling by land, you are required to apply for the interstate travel permit from PDRM

    As per the directive issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH), travellers aged 7 years old and above are required to perform COVID-19 medical screening (RTK/PCR) 48 hours prior to departure and present the result upon entering the terminal. Alternatively, you have the option to bring or purchase the self-test kit and perform the test at the designated areas in the airport which are manned by MOH staff. The areas are listed as follows:

    1. KLIA: Level 5, Departure Level
    2. klia2: Level 3, Departure Level
    3. Penang International Airport: Level 2, Public Concourse
    4. Subang Airport: Mezzanine Floor
    5. Kota Bharu Airport: Public Concourse
    6. Ipoh Airport: Public Concourse

    Other than the cost of the self-test kit, there are no other charges involved.

    Please ensure you arrive early at the airport in anticipation of additional safety procedures.

    For the latest information, please visit or
    #MYairportsshares #traveltips